Old Market, Bristol

Plant based coffee shop

46 Old Market Street, Bristol, BS20EX


Tuesday – Friday | 8:30am – 4pm
Saturday | 9:30am – 4pm




Redemption Roasters

[ House Coffee ]



Redemption Roasters is the world's only behind-bars specialty coffee company. Redemption is a social enterprise. Focusing on their roastery and training centre inside Aylesbury Prison they teach coffee skills to young offenders. After they're released, they are employed by redemption and work in their expanding chain of London coffee shops, or seek further employment within the coffee industry at other coffee shops and roastery’s.


Our story

Rabbit Food was born out of a love for fresh plant based food that was accessible for everyone. We want everyone to love plants as much as we do, with a hope that individuals will step towards introducing more plant based food into their diets due to the positive impact this has on our environment.



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